Well, a day after Michael Ulku-Steiner and Lee Hark broke the Internet …

I issued a challenge to folks at CA to get creative on their snow day.

I have to admit I don’t necessarily think that I caught everything that passed on Twitter, YouTube, or via email … but here is a fair representation of things from our students and faculty over a few hours this afternoon:

Kiera T

Atticus S Charlie TDevon W2 Grace S Katherine K Leslie W -fac holly Luke and Ellie J MargitL Olivia F Reaghan L Sarah H

(Getting ready for the state swim meet)
Bunny in the snow
Snowflakes still in the cold air
Don’t set your alarm
~ Will W

Please don’t cancel school
Seussical has to be seen
Delay would be great
~ Rachel J (sorry, Rachel)

Frolic in the snow
Like a happy polar bear
Since there is no school
~ Cole H

Snow and sleet fall fast,
Chilling me as I sled down
Mountains glazed with ice.
~ Jessica Z

I had an ice day
There is snow doubt about it
I have snow more puns
~ Leighton B

Winter wonderland
quiet peaceful restful time
stay home one more day.
~ Margit L

Frozen roads and snow
I can stay in bed all day
All hail the snow gods
~ Charlie M

victims of the traffic chaos
nerve wrecking and treacherous conditions
whether or not its a snow day, will not step out either way
~ Bhavani V

Check out Maggie and Dorrit’s recording here. 

Don’t miss the awesome videos, either:

A Special Seussical Song from Kiera:
*to Here on Who from Seussical*
We’re chargers
Pass or fail here
Struggling to finish work
Each class
Brings more
How the heck do we survive???
We’re happy that the snow has brought us
Time to sleep in
Wondering why oh whyyy
Why do we
Still haaave to do classwork, when it snows?♫

***Come see Seussical!!!***