January 6, 2014

Hello Cary Academy Upper School students,

Growing up in Minnesota, I can still recall with vivid detail those winter nights when we were expecting a big storm. Phones would ring off the hook the night before (yes, there was a time before Twitter):

  • “Do you think school will be canceled?”
  • “I’m sure they have to cancel school, it’s dangerous and they don’t want us to get hurt.”
  •  “Last year when this type of storm came, they canceled school for two days!”

We’d all go to bed giddy with the excitement over a possible snow day, and the next morning we’d jump out of bed and head to the radio to listen to what we were sure would be a long list of closings.

And we’d listen.

Once the list when through the first time and we didn’t hear our school, we’d assume that something was wrong. We must of have just missed it.

We’d listen again as they went through the list a second time.

Really? Look at all that snow. How can they not cancel school!?! THIS JUST ISN’T FAIR. (Since we didn’t have the internet back when I was a kid, we actually had to yell in all caps. Kind of like walking up hill to school both ways.)

Having experienced it first hand, I can tell that nothing, I mean nothing, is worse than the disappointment of an expected snow day that doesn’t materialize.

Because I care and I want to spare you the same agony that I experienced in my youth, I’m writing you on Monday night to tell you that I expect that we WILL have a full day of school tomorrow.

Yes, I know that Wake County has delayed school two hours.

Yes, I know it will be cold.

While all those winters in the frozen tundra has made me too cold hearted to delay school tomorrow, thankfully you do have folks who care for your well-being. Ms. Gooding, always looking out for your emotional health, wrote me this afternoon and asked if we could arrange for a hot treat to warm our spirits in the morning. I spoke with Chef Sam, and he will have hot chocolate available in the Dining Hall before school. Please enjoy — if you can brave the cold from the Upper School building to the Dining Hall and back (a up hill both ways, I’m sure).

Dr. Ehrhardt

PS: Of course, if for some reason the weather changes and gets much colder than we expect or we get some black ice, school could still be delayed. Keep a look out – but do your homework.