At the end of a long week of professional planning to get ready for the 2013-2014 school year, Cary Academy employees were asked to reflect on their summers, their week of work together, or the coming school year — in verse.

Here are just a few of the haikus composed by folks, giving you a sense of what is on their mind as we prepare to open the doors for the school year tomorrow.

Kids come home today
I’ve missed them more than you know
Grass needs to be cut

High humidity
Thunderstorms booming, flashing
Run through slicing rain

Working summer camp
Kickball, pancakes, gold t-shirts
What a vacation

Hit the reset button
Family time, beach, road trip
Here we go again

Babies are a gift
Think of all they do
Sleep poop eat sleep poop

Summer is the best
I ate froyo every day
Pants are now too tight

Hanging droplets shine,
as the wave crashes on the
sand. Time melts away.

Great swimming lessons
Fourth of July with my kids
Happy to be at school

Buenos Aires few
Denmark and Texas flew too
Spotlight School between

Lobster, Moose and Fish
Long days, wild hikes in cool air
Nova Scotia Rocks!

Numbers amaze me
They keep me guessing all day
Hooray for such fun!

I am learning Haiku
I am a little frustrated
But it will be great

(In addition to being a form for a poem, Haiku is also a learning management system being used by some Cary Academy teachers to organize their classes in a virtual space.)

Did you really think
I could write all that down
I didn’t think so

(We had just finished a very lengthy business office presentation on policy changes. Good stuff!)

Efficient people
Important concepts shared here
My thoughts are many

Brings color and perspective
Every day brand new