More from our recent ISACS community survey:

The above chart reflects answers to the question:
“What should Marshall focus on most during the next five years?”

There is a clear emphasis on science and technology. This past year we have shared information about the re-sequencing of our science curriculum to add rigor and provide more opportunities for advanced work in biology, chemistry, and physics. We’ve also increased our middle school Lego robotics program and added a new upper school robotics option as well.

More quietly, our admin team and faculty have been talking about changes we’d like to see within the technology program. That has started this year with the introduction of some online options through the Virtual High School, but we have in mind a much bolder vision for the future use of technology at Marshall: something that impacts all students and has the ability to significantly enhance the ways our faculty teach/coach/mentor students.

Athletics also emerges as an important priority moving forward — particularly within the student body. I expect that our athletics review committee will help us better understand some specific steps we can take to improve the program.

In other ways, the data can be interesting when looking at differences of opinion between groups. It is clear to see the outsized interest in athletics for students, but also in the higher requests for more extra-curriculars or less emphasis on academic rigor. Parents had different feelings about all those areas.

Importantly, all three groups shared similar interests for more academic offerings within the program.

Finally, it is very good news to see a common interest in increasing the endowment for Marshall, which is a way for the school to provide fiscal stability over time and offer a more robust academic and financial aid program.

If you wish, you can cross-reference all the data from this question with the vision outlined in our strategic plan.