Today is the second of our January “Campus Visit” days, where we welcome prospective Hilltoppers to spend the day shadowing current students.

I had the good fortune of interviewing seven of the prospective middle school students this morning. The first thing I noticed was that all seven were coming from different area elementary schools:

  • Lester Park
  • North Star Academy
  • Hermantown Elementary
  • St. James
  • Homecroft
  • Nettelton
  • Lincoln Park

In addition, the upper school students today were coming from two different schools, Holy Rosary and Woodland — bringing the total schools represented today to nine.

As you might imagine, when we ask students about what they are worried about, nearly all mention making friends at their new school. Thankfully, most have some connection with a current Marshall student from other community activities. Those that do not usually leave the day feeling much more at ease … because (gosh darn it) our students are so nice. Bullying was an issue brought up by more than one candidate today as well.

My group of middle school students had diverse interests. Math was the most popular subject, and several were excited about the option to “move up” in math as their skills improved at Marshall. Nearly all played sports, many at a high level already within their local youth leagues. More than one student said they were excited about daily PE at Marshall.

Of course, food also played a big role in many conversations. I was asked questions about the lunch line, condiment choices, and how many microwaves we had in the cafeteria. (I better go double check on that last one for future interviews.)