In November, Marshall administered a constituent survey as part of our ongoing program evaluation. In all, nearly half of our parents completed the survey, along with most faculty, staff, trustees, and upper school students.

We used a well-tested instrument designed by the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS). One of the values of this tool is our ability to compare current responses with past responses at Marshall as well as with the the average scores among peer independent schools in the Midwest.

Overall Educational Quality
The most important top-level question has to do with how our constituents feel about the overall quality of education at Marshall. We are very proud to see that 90% of our current parents rate the quality of our program as “excellent” or “very good.” This rating is on a five-point scale, with the other options being good, fair, or poor. If you add the “good” responses into the total, 98% of our parents would rate the overall quality of a Marshall education as excellent, very good, or good.

As you can see in the chart above, our parent score in 2011 greatly exceeds the view of the program in 2008 and also, happily, the ISACS average. The ISACS score is particularly interesting when you note that the average ISACS school tuition is $19,200 vs. $13,900 at Marshall.

Student responses also exceed the ISACS average.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share other results from the survey and discuss how we use the data to help guide implementation of our Strategic Plan.