You may have noticed that this past week we quietly launched an update to the Marshall web site. The most noticeable changes are cosmetic: a brighter, cleaner look with refreshed images throughout.

“Under the Hood,” if you will, we are also working through several updates of the content that we hope will provide more information to prospective and current families.

For prospective families, we are particularly excited about our new online admission pages, which give families much greater control and feedback throughout the process.

For current families, you can now find a full copy of our recently updated Strategic Plan. You can read the plan on the site, download your own printable version, or view a more stylized “Prezi” version. Prezi is an online tool for displaying information and giving presentations. It is most often called the “Power Point of the Web.”

Importantly, you can also find an updated Mission section of the web site. Here we detail our vision for “global citizenship” at Marshall and provide information about the six core values found in the Marshall mission statement.

As a mission-driven organization, these core values guide much of our work at the school. They provide what we believe to be the “value added” of a Marshall education.