A new study out from the College Board, makers of the SAT exam, provides an interesting perspective on high school education through the lens of the consumer … graduates of the Class of 2010.

The study, titled One Year Out, explores how a recent graduating class views their high school experience one year into college or the work force.

More Rigor, please
Among one of the most interesting findings is the very large number of recent graduates who wish that they would have had a more rigorous high school experience. Among the findings:

  • 54% reported that college courses were more difficult than expected,
  • 47% wish they had worked harder in high school,
  • 44% wish they had taken different courses in high school, particularly more math, science, and writing-intensive courses,
  • 37% wish that requirements for graduating high school should be made more difficult.

We are gathering some hard data from recent Marshall graduates, but the anecdotal feedback paints a different picture for our alumni. Most of them tell us that they felt very prepared for college-level work. One parent of a 2011 Marshall graduate told me this past week that her son’s college biology book was the same he’d used for his course at Marshall, giving him an early boost of confidence that he will start well prepared for his new classes.

Chart pictured above from Hart Research Associates.