The trend towards integration of online learning into K-12 strengthens. According to a report from market research firm Ambient Insight, e-learning in the K-12 market will grow nearly 17% a year through 2015.

While the mentoring that comes from the personal relationship between student and teacher will never be replaced, schools that prepare students for success in college and beyond cannot ignore the importance of using new virtual tools. Technology and virtual education are now a part of what it means to be “college prep.”

We’re excited about our partnership with the Virtual High School. Almost 20 students will be enrolled in a variety of classes this fall. VHS uses the same platform (D2L) as employed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (see graphic above). In addition, both Tony Lockart and myself will be teaching “hybrid” courses this year (economic and journalism, respectively) that we hope will test how we can use these new tech tools in our regular courses as well.