Over the past few days, you may have read in your email or on our web site about amount of activity that has been taking place during the “off” time of the year — be it construction on the building or building up the mind.

Faculty and staff certainly use some time over the break to rest and recharge. In addition, summer is often a time to reflect, learn, collaborate, and plan. In our recent e-letter, we shared some of the things that faculty have been up to this summer in the areas of science, technology, and languages.

Here is the rest of the list:

  • In mid-June, I hosted a meeting of the heads of school from the Minnesota Association of Independent Schools. The group met over two days at Marshall to hear from our legislative liaison about the Minnesota state budget impasse and to discuss professional development opportunities that could be shared among the 14 different schools. Marshall is the only independent school north of the Twin Cities.
  • Heather Anderson is attending a workshop on “Meaningful Upper School Advisory” in Wilmington, DE, which focuses on enhancing upper school advisory programs by looking at individual advising, group advising, and advisor development.
  • Katie Voller-Berdan, College Counselor, attended the Harvard Summer Institute in College Admissions offered jointly by Harvard University and The College Board. She was able to choose from over 40 workshops given by nationally-recognized leaders in college admissions and education.
  • Wanda Birnbaum, Rojean Flaherty, Jeremy Friese (math & science), Dave Johnson (science), and Scott Kylander-Johnson are spending time this summer working on refining the academic program for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.
  • Middle School teachers Julie Ball (English), Wanda Birnbaum (math), Lori Durant (English), Rojean Flaherty (4th/5th grade), Jeremy Friese (4th/5th grade), Nate Harsha (history), Scott Kylander-Johnson and Matthew Whittaker (English) began working with Krista Giddings (English) on implementing the Six-Trait Writing approach in Middle School classrooms in the fall.
  • Karen Snyder is attending a workshop called, “MFE (Meaningful Faculty Evaluation): Faculty Development and Renewal” in Wilmington, DE that will focus on fostering school cultures that yield maximum achievement for students and faculty.
We plan on enjoying the rest of the summer, but excitement is brewing for the return of your children this fall!