photo linked from nytimes.com

I have a pretty well-developed sweet tooth, which has made following the recent news on sugar all the more difficult to swallow.

In case you have missed it, the New York Times Magazine ran a lengthy storyrecently on the work of Dr. Robert Lustig. The main premise: Too much sugar is toxic.

Not only does he suggest that sugar is the cause of the surge in obesity in the United States, but he also links it to heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. Here is the original YouTube video that started it all.

Dr. David Katz extends the argument in a recent Huffington Post article, sharing his concern that many of the foods labeled “healthy” may have less fat but are then loaded down with excess sugar to make them taste better.

We have always known that anything in excess can be bad for you, but this recent reporting does make you think twice about that extra scoop of ice cream.