Thank you!

As all of you know, our re-enrollment deadline was the Thursday before our winter break. We moved the deadline much earlier than past years to deal with the very high demand we are seeing for a Marshall education. In short, we wanted to make sure to deal with our current Marshall families first, before considering applications for new students.

We appreciate the effort that went into meeting these deadlines. They are very helpful as we plan budget and class schedules for next year.

New Student Enrollment
The day after your re-enrollment deadline was the priority admissions deadline for new families. We put this deadline in place after new enrollment hit a nine-year high last fall, and not just by a small margin. For example, applications for 2010 were 30% higher than 2004.

So far, as the admissions season unfolded, we have been sharing numbers about demand this year compared to the same time last year. Inquiries, for example, are up 200%. Applications, up more than 600%

Of course, when we start to think about staffing, the year-over-year numbers don’t matter and you want to know where you stand for the year. Remarkably, as of March 1, 2011 we have as many applications for 2011-2012 as we had for the entire 2010-2011 admission season — and we still have four months to go. Last year, we had 47 applications from May-August alone.

The most important element of these earlier deadlines is to help us process the applications in a reasonable way. Getting a handle on applications earlier also helps us plan our staffing accordingly.

Are We Full?
You will rightfully ask: Is Marshall full? The answer: It’s complicated. Last year we had to close some grades because the late applications made planning any new sections difficult. By knowing about applications early enough, we have the option of expanding staff to meet the demand (and keep class sizes small), as long as our new applicants are the right fit for Marshall.

Our commitment is — and always will be — to provide students individualized attention, the best possible preparation for college, and the ability to participate in the entirety of their school experience rather than get lost in the crowd.

Bottom Line
Thank you for being a part of the Marshall family. We are excited about the present and the future. If you know of folks who are still thinking about Marshall, please encourage them to give us a look. Spots are limited, but there is still time!