Even after a restful weekend, I am still buzzing about last week’s Homecoming activities. Our Student Council and student body put a tremendous amount of time and energy into building school spirit in fun and creative ways. I have to say the first ever Duct Tape Day was inspired.

My two highlights, though, took place on Friday.

The first was the Stuco-organized Pep Assembly at the end of the day. While the band provided music to match the occasion, our students participated in some old-fashioned school zaniness. It was fun to see the faces of the middle school students as they watched our upperclassmen and participated, full-throated, in the cheering contests. They were literally vibrating as they left the gym.

At the football game afterward, I was struck with a sense of pride as a group of our fifth-grade students approached the seniors, who had parked a “spirit” truck down at the corner of the field. Instead of shooing them away, the seniors welcomed our littlest ones into the fold, giving them fist bumps and even sharing their sodas. It was a gesture that lasted only a few minutes — but for the fifth graders it was a moment they will remember for a long time. Older kids, their role models, took time to talk and share.

We rightfully work hard to create unique and meaningful experiences within our Middle School and High Schools, but weeks like Spirit Week can show you how each separate group can be positively influenced by each other. These are interactions that just can’t take place in a bigger, stand-alone middle or high school.